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Sarwankheda, Kanpur Dehat


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  • Mission

    The mission of the school is to prepare children who have courage and heroism to demand from themselves tireless labour and inner discipline directed towards selfcontrol and self mastery. This school is engaged in providing facilities & opportunities to students to develop strong and healthy bodies, clear & wide minds, resolute will power & ever-widening horizons of knowledge even of wisdom.

  • Vision

    The school is dedicated to serve the highest interests of nation building that can ensure vast synthesis of knowledge & harmoniour perfection of the individual & the collectivity. The school has a vision of a future which will be guided by the wisdom of the seers and a furthur vision to serve the ever increasing glory of india. The school has a cision of a new world in which relationships are governed by the spirit of universal fraternity.


To impart integral education, general, as well as vocational to all, irrespective of caste, creed and colour; in an atmosphere of purity, efficiency, discipline and fraternity with special emphasis on moral and spiritual values and character building rooted in Indian culture.


  • Library

    The school maintains fully aircooled, a well finished Junior & Senior library and reading room. In addition to a wide range of books & periodicals newspapers and magazlnes are also provided

  • Computer Lab

    The school has one well furnished Computer Laboratories, equipped with about 30 Pcs, multimedia kits, oolor manitors, laser and inkļæ½jet printers & over-head projectors. The school also has Broadband internet connectivity, All sluoerrls from class [Io vlll learn corrrpuler soienoe as a oompulsory oore subled & lx to xll as opliorral

  • Infirmary

    me School mzlnlalns 2 well.eooroped drsoensary lrrmrrnary) under me care on quolmed doolor and a |mlned nurse. Regular healm reooms olwelght, helght, lnoculaliorl, denlal and vaocinallon lor eaorr orrilo is rnalnoalneo,

  • Indoor Stadium

    The sonool malnlalns a Qllasl olyrnore Slze\m1ocrs1adlumlorlm1ocr Games

  • Badminton Court

    The school malnlains a Irlhemalianal Site badrllln|orl com [or high qualily matches.

  • Book Shop

    The school malnlairls a well slookeo Bookshop lo pmvlde presonoeo books and requlred slalionery ilernslorallolasses The approved nerns ol sonool unllorrn are also made avallable in me Book-Shop.

  • Digital Auditorium

    The school lllalnlalns a Fully drgllal audllnlium wlth rool mounted LCD pmlectorwllh huge screen. Dolby sound sys|em hlgh oualrly mllslc sysIem